Lex Luthor VS Doctor Doom (DC vs Marvel) | DEATH BATTLE!

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Megalomaniacal supervillains fight to rule the world!
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Lauren Studebaker
Lauren Studebaker Пре 48 минута
What about Stuart Little vs Remy from Ratatouille
Devin Shelton
Devin Shelton Пре 43 минута
That would be awesome!!!
The Machination
The Machination Пре сат
Hm. Now that's a thought. Flash v. A Green Lantern.
Charles Fitzpatrick
Charles Fitzpatrick Пре сат
Luthor may have gave Metropolis a giant L, but he couldn't do the same for Doom
I like nougat
I like nougat Пре сат
Hell, Doom could probably win even without the mind swap
AT Productions
AT Productions Пре сат
The real reason Lex lost: Luthor is an Injustice character. Doom is a MAHVEL character.
CelusKingFTW Пре 2 сата
Eren Yeager vs Mew & Mewtwo
Nathan Ratcliff
Nathan Ratcliff Пре 3 сата
Jojoflap Пре 4 сата
I know this isn't a kids show, but it feels weird seeing performance pills as the sponsor.
Windigo R15
Windigo R15 Пре 4 сата
Foolish fool who is foolish enough to be fooled!!!
thedrew4you Пре 4 сата
How is this a fair fight? Doom is Supreme!
Wizard Brandon
Wizard Brandon Пре 5 сати
plus lex was good for countering superman. and about it. like lex vs ironman
Gage Benson
Gage Benson Пре 5 сати
Doom versus... Luther? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! This is an unbalanced match.
SensibleInsanity Пре 6 сати
When he said "foot dive" I really felt that
Nikolas Ritchie
Nikolas Ritchie Пре 7 сати
Makel Sibley
Makel Sibley Пре 8 сати
Why in the hell would Doctor Doom even lose 😂🤣😂
Sum Guy
Sum Guy Пре 5 сати
@Dr Jones by 5%
IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch
IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch Пре 5 сати
@Dr Jones but now Marvel are catching up due to DC are getting higher since Darkseid had already beat Thanos while Nightwing beats Daredevil was getting the same steak of win
Dr Jones
Dr Jones Пре 6 сати
DC has the most victories than Marvel does in the Marvel VS DC Death battles
Music 4MySoul
Music 4MySoul Пре 8 сати
Avoid the Covid-19 vaccine if you desire to spend eternity with Jesus Christ. The Lord is coming soon. I don't want anyone to be disappointed. Seek Him while you still have time. He looks nothing like the famous pictures. Everything written in the book of revelation will be fulfilled. This is the end.
Music 4MySoul
Music 4MySoul Пре 19 минута
@I like nougat It was designed by the same satanist who know the Mark of the Beast is in the hand or forehead. They are all the same. satan reads the Bible too.
I like nougat
I like nougat Пре 26 минута
@Music 4MySoul How? It's designed to protect people. It's going in peoples arms, not their forehead or hand.
Music 4MySoul
Music 4MySoul Пре 31 минут
@I like nougat It's apart of the Mark of the Beast. Anyone who accepts the vaccine is damned for all eternity. They will find themselves in hell. The Lord will reject anyone who accepts the vaccine.
I like nougat
I like nougat Пре 34 минута
@Music 4MySoul LOL, you're delusional. How is it "sending people to hell?"
Music 4MySoul
Music 4MySoul Пре 37 минута
@I like nougat I will speak the truth. People's eternal souls are important. That vaccine will send people to hell forever.
BaTmAn PoRk
BaTmAn PoRk Пре 9 сати
16:45 injustice superman special move
Terry Campbell
Terry Campbell Пре 9 сати
Doom is stupid broken
Morella Továr
Morella Továr Пре 10 сати
nick Пре 12 сати
real and straight
BlackRoseZu Пре 14 сати
Im just happy Doom said "Foot Dive!" Wouldve made it a little bit better if he also said "Finger Lasers!" Also, Marvel vs DC fight. Marvel wins. Interesting
Sum Guy
Sum Guy Пре 9 сати
Your acting like marvel never won a death battle against dc
Jaydon Пре 15 сати
When are you guys gonna do reverse flash professor zoom
Nyemike Atoh
Nyemike Atoh Пре 15 сати
Saw that Superman injustice 2 reference in the fight, cheeky 16:46
Sleepy Пре 17 сати
This is the second time Lex Luthor got absolutely BODIED by DC characters
Sum Guy
Sum Guy Пре 9 сати
What lol? Dooms marvel
Sum Guy
Sum Guy Пре 9 сати
@TheSsbcandidates ikr
TheSsbcandidates Пре 17 сати
Alex7aj Пре 18 сати
Plot twist: Dr Doom is actually Captain Ginyu who stole Dr Doom’s body.
Richard Hill
Richard Hill Пре 18 сати
Omni-Man vs Homelander
Kisa Miyamoto
Kisa Miyamoto Пре 19 сати
im ba ciale? wtf is with that pronunciation xD
Judy Chen
Judy Chen Пре 19 сати
Imagine if doctor doom swap body 17:04 17:05 and do this to any opponent he face against in death battle 17:10 17:11 and then the opponent screams 17:14 17:15
thecactusman17 Пре 19 сати
What man hath wrought, let no God put asunder.
Tiem Nguyen
Tiem Nguyen Пре 19 сати
Rip mf doom
I like nougat
I like nougat Пре сат
@Sum Guy MF DOOM, not Dr. Doom
Sum Guy
Sum Guy Пре 9 сати
What? Doom won though
Tylee Ware
Tylee Ware Пре 19 сати
Who else noticed that Luther used Superman’s special from injustice 2 at 16:44 😂
SP Mask
SP Mask Пре 19 сати
You guys at DB think Lex is in the same league as Doom? HA!
Sum Guy
Sum Guy Пре 9 сати
Yes this fight was a waste of time
Sum Guy
Sum Guy Пре 19 сати
Hmmm let’s see ones a guy in a suit and the others a god in a suit 🤔 damn this is closer then we thought 😂
Isaac Scherban
Isaac Scherban Пре 21 сат
Oh, I notice they didn’t say this so I will, when doctor doom became the god emperor......and this is not a joke, he ripped the whole skeleton out of THANOS, the mad titan who wiped out half of the universe......let that sink in people
Garland Garrison
Garland Garrison Пре 21 сат
Yall really thought Lex Luther could beat Doom??🤣🤣🤣🤣
IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch
IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch Пре 5 сати
Doctor Doom always win
Sum Guy
Sum Guy Пре 20 сати
Nope never for a second lol
Mark Law
Mark Law Пре 22 сата
Before I start. You lot Iron Man vs Lex Luther, Iron Man. Doom has to win this without question
aidan w
aidan w Пре 22 сата
we all know who’s going to win this but let’s watch the video anyways
Master Clank
Master Clank Пре 22 сата
I am guessing doom will win.
Chrono Dran
Chrono Dran Пре 23 сата
That's two losses for Lex Luthor one from Iron Man and now Dr Doom
IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch
IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch Пре 16 сати
And two wins for Doctor Doom as from Darth Vader and now Lex Luthor
Donald Varner
Donald Varner Пре 23 сата
I want to see doom in the mcu, introduce him before the fantastic four be sweet
I like nougat
I like nougat Пре сат
He's supposedly going to be showing up in Black Panther 2. Although, I've seen some people think he's the Power Broker
DekuDude888 Пре 3 сата
With the new more powerful heroes they're introducing, I'm sure Victor will arrive soon enough
crazy wave
crazy wave Пре 23 сата
U gotta love the marvel vs Capcom 3 doom combo references 😂😂 if ur not using footdive atleast twice in ur combo r u really using a doom infinite 😂
William Cooke
William Cooke Пре 23 сата
Luthor: I have a force field dog Doom: well I have a dinosaur that eats force field dogs Luthor: I have a dino freezing device Doom: I have an antifreezing device
Wilmer Gomez-Velilla
Wilmer Gomez-Velilla Пре 23 сата
Mr fantastic vs plastic man
Cyrus Farn
Cyrus Farn Пре дан
Can't believe MFDOOM wasn't the fight soundtrack
Bloody Kain
Bloody Kain Пре дан
Lich King vs Night King?
Kwaku Anansi
Kwaku Anansi Пре дан
Batman may have plot armor, but Doctor Doom has plot everything.
Aryn Z
Aryn Z Пре дан
*F O O T D I V E*
Marsha, a Wandering Shade
Marsha, a Wandering Shade Пре дан
They didn't just swap minds, but also vocal chords. Honestly not a fan of that trope to be honest. Guess it was too much effort to try and have them mimic eachother's inflections, huh?
Ace Wyrick
Ace Wyrick Пре дан
where the hell was all this when lex was fighting iron man
David Flores
David Flores Пре дан
Erroll George
Erroll George Пре дан
Do Zoro vs. Asta ! Two demons with 3 swords
Egalitarius Пре дан
No love for Lex with 2 loses
Edgar Cruz
Edgar Cruz Пре дан
15:32 now for THIS is come to watch and i love it ... FOOT, FOOTDIVE!!
thegamerator10 Пре дан
When you realize Lex was likely fighting a Doombot.
Dee Munson
Dee Munson Пре дан
Honestly I would like to Doom go up against Rick Sanchez. I don't see Doom losing none the less.
Dee Munson
Dee Munson Пре дан
The things Dr Doom can do with a mother box is alarming
David Mesa
David Mesa Пре дан
the writing is so good
Bair Sensei
Bair Sensei Пре дан
Idk how anyone could be surprised by this lol if u know anything about doom u know lex stands no chance lol even superman can't beat doom lol still waiting for the day we see super skrull with all the fantastic 4 abilities vs monkey D Luffy
Science Kingdom Citizen 10billion%
Science Kingdom Citizen 10billion% Пре дан
Dr. doom is so absurdly over powered in marvel comics that he can just say no and there’s nothing anyone can do about it like someone tried reading his mind he just said no doom will not allow it and then they weren’t able to read his mind. Wtf
Sum Guy
Sum Guy Пре 19 сати
Honestly dr doom is a god in a man’s body
Fayt Vandeberg
Fayt Vandeberg Пре дан
Foot dive references for us in the FGC is really special and made me smile
Bob Jones
Bob Jones Пре дан
Dante (Dante inferno) vs Kratos would be interesting
Throgg KingofTrolls
Throgg KingofTrolls Пре дан
And people say Starlin's Thanos is an invincible gary stu. What about freaking Doctor Doom?
Yago Albert
Yago Albert Пре дан
Poor Luthor, such a cool character with such exploitable faults
Sum Guy
Sum Guy Пре дан
Ur scrolling through the comments to try and see who actually thoughts lex was going to win aren’t you?
Lakhan Kumat
Lakhan Kumat Пре дан
Very nice
Fight should have started like they meet they plan about world domination defeating Dc & Marvel heroes then fighting with each other to dominate earth
Bianca Fernandez
Bianca Fernandez Пре дан
The bottom of the comment is Where The magic happens
Mujaahid Bumphus
Mujaahid Bumphus Пре дан
When Doom Beat Vader i knew he was OP
KubernetePirata Пре дан
Oh look, another Death Battle that Marvel won, you don't get to see it THAT often.
Justin Alicea
Justin Alicea Пре дан
Clearly you haven't been keeping up.
Neil Murtagh
Neil Murtagh Пре дан
Do Omni-Man vs Homelander, would work great before the next season of The Boys for example!
Curtis Masa
Curtis Masa Пре дан
We gotta see a titan shifter battle royale.
MaliciousC0mpliance Пре дан
"This power, it's like that of a God's! ...Beneath me." K.O.!
Adam Parulski
Adam Parulski Пре дан
I don’t usually comment, but that was f**king awesome! Doom is so cool, and that finisher...sick. Nice match guys, you rock!
dale jackson
dale jackson Пре дан
Aang vs Captain planet
dale jackson
dale jackson Пре дан
Superman vs Omniman vs Sentury vs Homelander
Borg Cube
Borg Cube Пре дан
Ok the fight turned unfair again
RikouHogashi Пре дан
This fight was pointless but a fun watch nonetheless and I'm sure that's just a Doombot as well Without a shadow of a doubt
Captain Maverick
Captain Maverick Пре дан
I mean, he beat Darth Vader, I don't think anyone can beat Doom.
IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch
IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch Пре дан
Jocose Sonata
Jocose Sonata Пре дан
"This power, it's like that of a God's... *_...Beneath me."_* Ego maniacal characters are always fun, especially when they're so shameless in expressing it; bonus if they can actually back it up.
Babu Babu
Babu Babu Пре дан
Now the amount of losses Lex has taken match up with the initials in his name
Uncle Paul
Uncle Paul Пре дан
IronMan: You Know this Guy? Darth Vader: You Remember This Bald Guy Like I remember This Hooded Doctor.
Soriya Jeevananthan
Soriya Jeevananthan Пре дан
Karna (fate series) vs Escanor (seven deadly sins) please!!
AnonimZim Пре дан
This DOOM was way stronger that the one who fought Darth Vader
Kadeem Vaughn
Kadeem Vaughn Пре дан
This fight was dumb lex had no chance to win stop with these stomp matches
Sum Guy
Sum Guy Пре дан
Honestly I agree this one was a waste of time like flash vs quicksilver
Walrus Vlogs
Walrus Vlogs Пре дан
This one was amazing
Luis Torres
Luis Torres Пре дан
Next deathbattle: Axe executoner (Resident Evil) vs pyramid head (Silent Hill). An all out slaughter 😁
Im Thage
Im Thage Пре дан
Anime: Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken ~ Character: (Rimuru Tempest)
bossdeltapollito Пре дан
Omni-man vs super man???
Diego _
Diego _ Пре дан
Okay now hear me out. Rex Splode (Invincible) vs. Bakugo (My Hero Academia)
C.K Tv
C.K Tv Пре дан
We need Baki vs ohma and Hyperion vs sentry 💯👏🏿
Ubermonk Пре дан
Sum Guy
Sum Guy Пре дан
JaggedMarrow Пре дан
This makes me wonder about Android 16 vs Crimson Dynamo?
FragItAll Пре дан
Jaengus Gone
Jaengus Gone Пре дан
Alternate history where the aristocracy crush the bourgeoisie
Keiton Tibbets
Keiton Tibbets Пре дан
Hey what about Ulma (Kengan Ashura) vs Baki (Baki)
Abomb Alexander 1
Abomb Alexander 1 Пре дан
I knew who'd win from the stars But the loser put up an amazing fight
MiniBang504 Пре дан
Pulled a captain Ginyu there
Jaze Lazo
Jaze Lazo Пре дан
The merchant Of 117
The merchant Of 117 Пре дан
“I’m not playing god, all this time...I was playing human” “This power, it’s like that of a gods...BENEATH ME!”
king marvel
king marvel Пре дан
Plz do gojo vs kakashi
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